Arman Arami

I am an Iranian-born American that fled my country alone at age 15 and arrived at US escaping the religious persecutions. I came to this country and after my dreams of going back to visit home vanished due to the revolution, I did not get to see my family for more than 18 years until I was 32 years old and married.

It’s been a journey full of excitements. Unlike other friends with similar religious beliefs back home, I was able to pursue my education. I attended high school in the Bay Area and graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Computer Technology and a minor in programming.

Right after graduating from university I started my very first venture, a computer and network maintenance company. Within 5 years I grew the company into one of the most well recognized computer maintenance companies in Silicon Valley. With major contracts from Lockheed Missiles, American military bases, cities and municipalities as well as hi-tech companies like Informix, Santa Cruz Operations and Oracle I sold the company to private investors and embarked on my next venture.

Coming from a family of artists and creative, I went back to my roots and what I am passion about, experience design and image building. Combining my background in technology with my passion in art and visual I started one of the very first technology branding and experience design agencies in Silicon Valley. It was during my 19 years managing the agency that I got to do some of my very rewarding work repositioning and rebranding global enterprises such as Samsung, Fujitsu and Netgear, introducing European companies such as Canal+ from France and Poet Software of Germany into US market as well as branding more than 400 venture backed startups like Siri (acquired by Apple), Bersin (acquired by Deloitte), Bluewolf (acquired by IBM) and Marketo, Riverbed, Silver Spring all with successful IPOs.

After 19 years running the agency once again I embarked on a new venture and decided to build my own brand. I joined the team at BOSS, a 30 year old automotive accessories and audio brand and created NYNE, a line of lifestyle audio products. At NYNE, I got to work with multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams in US and China and got real familiar with Chinese business culture. I worked very closely with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice teams and learned about product ideation, design and development and developed a portfolio of products that today are being sold at global major retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Virgin Mega Stores and Costco.