Translating Strategy into Execution,
Closing the Gap between Ideas and Outcomes.

In today’s world of global commerce where the gap between manufacturers and consumers is getting narrower and narrower, we help emerging brands and Consumer Tech/IoT startups with their presence on the marketplaces. From developing their brand image and message to crafting their go-to-market strategies and placing their products on the shelves of major retail and ecommerce.

With years of experience conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing products in China combined with branding global enterprises and startups, we are now uniquely positioned to help consumer tech and IoT companies validate, manufacture and bring their products to market and create memorable brands.


Arman Arami is a thought leader in the field of brand development. As head of innovation for BOSS International Group (BIG) of companies and President of NYNE, a personal electronics division of BIG, he has designed, developed and overseen manufacturing of CE products and placed them on the shelves of major retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club and Amazon. He has worked closely with Amazon Auto and Google Assistant teams incorporating latest voice technologies into portfolio of products in automotive, power sports, motorcycle and personal electronics. As the managing director of Arami Design, a brand experience design agency he co-founded, he has worked on branding global enterprises such as Samsung and Netgear as well as successful startups such as Siri, Silver Spring Networks and Marketo.


Product Design & Development – Combining in-depth knowledge of innovation, development and manufacturing, with understanding of the marketplace and financial forecasts, we assist brands with idea and concept valuation, prototyping, contract manufacturer sourcing, audit and selection, BOM analyzation and cost-reduction in order to deliver manufacturable, serviceable products with great attention to detail.

Key clients: NYNE, BOSS Audio

Brand Experience – Bringing more than 2 decades of consulting with high-tech and consumer technology companies on their brand experience design, we assemble teams of brand visionaries that create a multi-layered, powerful brand systems that make lasting emotional connections with the consumer. An integrated digital and physical brand presence that reflects your core values and your corporate vision. We focus on developing a brand experience at every touch point throughout the life of your brand from launch, through funding rounds all the way to shelf presence and unboxing.

Key clients: Samsung, Siri (now Apple), NETGEAR, NYNE, Silver Spring Networks (now Itron), Riverbed, Marketo (an Adobe Company)

Product Launch and Sales – From developing the go-to-market strategies to sales into major retail and merchandising our team of experts assist with launch, presentation and sales of products into major retail chains.

Key retailers: Best Buy, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, Bed Bath, Fry’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big5, Brandsmart

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