Startup Consultant

About Me

Currently, president and brand strategist at NYNE, a consumer electronics brand with presence on the shelves of major retail such as Best Buy, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco.

As a Marketing-In-Residence at Prototype Capital, I also consult with startups in the areas of strategy, branding, marketing, go to market and sales

Mentor @ MAKE IN LA, consulting, building and scaling startups

Formerly managing director of ARAMI DESIGN, a Silicon Valley based technology brand experience design agency and branded companies such as Samsung, Netgear, Siri, Marketo, Riverbed and Silver Spring Networks

How I can help

I work with early and growth stage companies in advisory, interim executive and consulting roles. I help in the areas of:

Ideation and Validation
Implementing the complete Ideation Framework Process: Envisioning, Prototyping and Evaluation in order to validate ideas and develop “Valuable, Usable, Feasible” products.

Product Design
Taking clients through the complete product design process working with product design houses and China contract manufacturers reducing amount of back and forth and enhancing time to market.
I work alongside clients and help them with sourcing, selecting and hiring Product design agencies and take them through 4 phases of:

  • Concept Design phase which includes refining the functions, features and form of a product.
  • 3D modeling phase which would generate 3D files, Bill of Materials (BoM) and Color Material finish document.
  • Engineering phase which would include both electrical and mechanical engineering teams working together side-by-side in order to ensure perfect form and function and reducing amount of back and forth due to using multiple resources.
  • Finally, the prototyping phase which would deliver a fully finished and functional form of the product.

Product Manufacturing
I work with clients on the complete manufacturing process. With a professional team of advisors both here and in China and solid knowledge and relationship with all sizes of CMs “Contract Manufacturers” in China I take the right product to the right manufacturer.

  • Initially I work with my clients to prepare a RFQ/PDS package such that we can align expectations and make sure contract manufacturers are familiar with our exact product. Working off of our PDS they can prepare the correct quote for our evaluation.
  • Secondly, I will source, audit and select a few qualified CMs such that we can bring quotes from 3-4 vendors for evaluation and decision making. The CM selection will highly depend on the timing, order size and budget.
  • Next, we will move to pre-production phase which will include tooling, preparation of QC requirement document as well as planning out time frames and orders.
  • Finally, the manufacturing phase. During this phase we will assist with evaluation and signoff on the “Golden Sample” and oversee the entire 3 phases of production refining the product, our efficiency and production and assembly processes including T1 a small production run, T2 and finally the mass production.

With more than 20 years’ experience working with Silicon Valley technology firms, I work with companies of all sizes from startup to well-established global enterprises on their complete branding process.
Brand Strategy, identifying and shaping their positioning and making sure the team is aligned. Strategizing through defining their objective, studying their competition and possible differentiation opportunities.

  • Conducting brand audits and evaluating their existing brand
  • Developing their positioning

Brand identity development consisting of verbal and visual elements that define their brand. I do this through sourcing, evaluating and engaging with third party design agencies. Establishing their position relative to the competition for internal and external communication.

  • Logo/brand identity design
  • Color system
  • Typographic system
  • Visual style

Brand execution which is application of the brand identity throughout all aspects of internal and external communications in writing and design. I manage this entire process partially working with and engaging a third party design agency.

  • Website design and development
  • Print collateral
  • Presentations
  • Packaging
  • Tradeshows and events
  • All forms of online and print advertising including social media

Marketing & PR
Once companies are ready to roll out their product/service internationally I help with complete PR and marketing plan and implementation. I help with sourcing, selecting and managing local marketing and PR teams

Sales and Business Development
Global sales and business development, channel strategy and price modeling consulting. Major retail chain presentation and contract negotiation.